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Astrolite for your layouts
Astrolite for your layouts
As we know that 93% of young people no longer want a classical desk and that 68% of employees work in a shared office, it is important today for companies to have office furniture adapted to their needs. With our Astrolite range, lay easily your work environment out. For a single ou multi-workstation configuration, Astrolite allows you to work comfortably ...[Read more]
Discover our Prestige range
Discover our Prestige range
As we know that 9 employees out of 10 feel better and more productive in a well-organised premises, it is important today for companies to have modern, aesthetic and ergonomic office furniture. With our Prestige range, choose practical, elegant and functional office furniture. With the Prestige executive desk, you can easily lay a spacious, complete ...[Read more]
Choose Essentiel for everyday
Choose Essentiel for everyday
Did you know that employees give the average mark of 6.6/10 to their space work? With our Essentiel range, choose a functional and comfortable desk. The large choice of finishes and desks will allow you to create your own space work. With this desk, adapted to your needs, you will be more organised and productive. The different storages associated ...[Read more]

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Taking care of the quality of life for your staff is a must! Choose b.Live and share the

spirit. New technology and furniture to support your well-being.                                                            

b. Peripherique

Need to simplify sourcing your workspace solution?

Benefit from a selection of accessories and complementary furniture at b.Peripherique.